Friday, February 05, 2016

Pets Go Green

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Sleuth the Reporter Dog is very concerned about the environment.   With his friends at VNN, he has found these natural ways to make sure that you and your pets are eco-friendly.

1) Many pet toys and accessories are made from non-renewable resources and their manufacturing processes often dumps toxic waste products into the environment.

2) Companies such as and are creating new toys and other products from recyclable and natural materials.

3) More than 2 million tons of cat litter is added to our landfills every year.   Most of the clay litters are not biodegradable.

4) Other companies, such as GPC Pet Products and Next Gen Pet Products, are producing biodegradable cat litter from whole corn or green tea leaves and sawdust.

5) Civic officials estimate that 100,000 dogs in a city will produce 25 tons of waste material every day!

6) Using a mini septic system in your yard for pet waste can help protect your family from parasites.  These are available from Doggie Dooley.

7) Organic and natural pet foods are available, but you should always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet.

8) Similarly, some people prefer holistic medicines and herbal supplements for their pet’s medical needs.  Always speak to your veterinarian and never stop a medication unless directed by your pet’s doctor.

9) Your veterinarian will help you decide what products are appropriate for your pet.

10) Bookmark as your source of up to date and accurate pet health information.