Thursday, February 11, 2016

Unexpected Pet Bills Lead to New Ways to Pay

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Unexpected Pet Bills Lead to New Ways to Pay

We all love our pets dearly, but an unexpected emergency or medical expense  can make life difficult.   Sleuth, the Reporter Dog, spoke with the Veterinary News Network and found some helpful ideas to help you prepare for any surprise veterinary visit!

1.      U.S. and Canadian pet owners spend more than $12 billion on medical care for their pets every year.

2.      Even though veterinary medicine is a great value, a sudden injury or serious illness can strain the wallets of most pet owners.

3.      Pet insurance is available through many companies and most have a variety of plans to fit any budget.

4.      Pet insurance acts as reimbursement insurance.   You will pay your veterinarian and then submit your claims to the insurance company.

5.      The insurance company will send you a check based on your coverage and deductible.   100% reimbursement should not be expected.

6.      Pet Health Savings Plans are preferred by some owners.   The money in the savings account is yours and is available for any expense.

7.      In some cases, when an owner does not have insurance, short term financing plans, such as CareCredit, may be offered by your veterinarian.

8.      In any case, you should not expect your veterinarian to act as a lending agent.  They are not equipped to handle loans and credit checks.

9.      Be proactive and prepare for your pet’s healthcare.   It may help you to avoid heartbreak in the future.

10.    Bookmark as your guide to the latest animal health information on the Internet.