Saturday, February 13, 2016

Pets Need Dental Care Too!

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Sleuth the Reporter Dog - VNN Mascot

Sleuth the Reporter Dog knows that he needs to take care of his teeth, but, sadly, many of Sleuth’s friends never get the dental care they need.  Along with the Veterinary News Network, Sleuth put together this check list of dental care for dogs and even cats!

1)    Just like their owners, our dogs and cats suffer from dental disease.  But, because our pets don’t often show their discomfort, many people don’t realize how painful this condition can be.

2)    How do you know if your pet has dental disease? It’s easy…just “flip the lip” and look for brown or yellow discolorations on the teeth, especially the ones in the back!  Also, smell your pet’s breath.  It might not be minty fresh, but it shouldn’t smell foul!

3)    A complete veterinary dental assessment, treatment and prevention program starts with a good oral exam from your veterinarian.  This should be done under general anesthesia so that all parts of the mouth can be evaluated.

4)    Next, ultrasonic scaling removes plaque and tartar from the tooth and the area below the gumline.  This is a crucial step and missing the area under the gum will lead to worsening dental infections.

5)    After scaling, polishing is done to remove any divots, irregularities or defects in the enamel.  This keeps those bad bacteria from coming back so quickly!  The gum pockets are flushed with an antiseptic agent and sometimes a barrier sealant or fluoride may be applied.

6)    All of your pet’s teeth will be individually examined and then charted in the medical record.   Dental radiographs are then taken to make sure no hidden disease or problems exist.

7)    Finally, your veterinarian will discuss an overall treatment plan with you and also give you some helpful tips for providing a little at home dental care.  We have many products that can make this an easy and fun chore for your family.

8)    If you are concerned about your pet’s dental teeth or if you just think he has bad breath, let our veterinarians assist you in determining whether or not a complete dental assessment is needed.

9)    Trust a site like to provide you with accurate and unbiased pet health information.