Sunday, February 07, 2016

Holiday Decorations and Plants Could Cause a Pet Emergency!

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You should see Sleuth’s house!  He has everything from Snow Village collectibles to a 8 foot live tree!  It’s fun to decorate our homes for the holidays, but there are some concerns about the types of ornaments we use.  Sleuth asked the Veterinary News Network for their tips about keeping your pet safe!

1)    Several traditional plants and decorations used around the Christmas tree and the home have the potential for causing injuries, illnesses or even death in pets.

2)    Plants, like poinsettias, have traditionally been considered highly toxic, but in reality, most pets only get a minor stomach ache.

3)    Holly and mistletoe are more dangerous.  Beyond causing vomiting or diarrhea if eaten, holly can depress the central nervous system and mistletoe can cause heart problems.

4)    Lilies should be avoided in any households with cats.  A single leaf or even the pollen from certain lily plants can cause sudden kidney failure and death.

5)    Tinsel, ribbons, strings of lights and popcorn strings are all hazardous to any pet.  The strings can actually cause perforations in the intestines and even set the pet up for a life-threatening infection.

6)    Glass ornaments are easily broken and the glass fragments could end up in the paws of your pets or even in your feet!

7)    Candles, both traditional and electric, should stay out of pet’s reach.   It’s too easy for a curious or active pet to knock them over, creating a fire hazard.

8)    Electrical cords are another source of holiday house fires.  Young pets are often tempted to chew on these and can be easily electrocuted.

9)    Ask your veterinarian if you are worried about any decorations you might use.  Remember, call us if there are concerns…don’t wait around for an online forum or social site to give you an answer.

10)    Trust a site like to provide you with accurate and unbiased pet health information.