Friday, February 12, 2016

Top Products to Help Pets and Help Pets Have Fun!

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If Sleuth had his way, he wouldn’t have to decide which new pet product to buy from the store…he would have them ALL!  Here’s a short list of pet products that Sleuth and The Veterinary News Network have found that help our pets and help them have fun!

1)    Pet owners love to spoil their four legged friends!  With the ease of the Internet and pet superstores all around, it’s easy to find new and innovative products.

2)    Exercise and toys are too important categories.  Experts agree that “a tired dog is a good dog”.  New products include bones that help hydrate your pet while he plays and even a bubble gun that shoots bacon flavored bubbles!

3)    Some pets have behavior and boredom issues.  There are new items to help relieve anxiousness in dogs, like the Thundershirt®.  Also, for our bored kitty friends, consider a safe outdoor enclosure, like the Kritter Kondo.

4)    You can even find innovation and new products in the pet food aisle.  Kong® has a great new puzzle toy called the Wobbler®. 

5)    Confused about the enormous numbers of pet foods?   Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation!  We can match your pet’s needs with the right diet!

6)    Don’t forget about the importance of grooming!  The Furminator® helps make brushing easy and it also minimizes the hair shed in your home.

7)    Do you like to travel with your pets?  Look for cute pet themed totes, specially designed safety belts and even GPS trackers for your furry friends.

8)    Above all, consider products that are not only eco-friendly or American made, but also that carry an endorsement from a veterinarian.

9)    We would like to help you find safe and fun products for your pets.  Ask our staff about which toys, foods and other items are best for your dog or cat.

10)    For more trustworthy and accurate pet health information, visit or .