Friday, February 12, 2016

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Ruff...Ruff...The Roof Is On Fire!

Hundreds of thousands of house fires happen every year and most people can guess at the common causes…unattended candles, kitchen accidents and, of course, smoking.   But, one less common reason for fires might surprise you…our pets!  With their inquisitive natures and playful attitudes, our four legged friends can create situations that could turn deadly.  Learn how one pet owner’s foresight stopped her house from going up in flames when her dog went looking for chocolate!

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Travelin Jacks Surgical Adventure

Like millions of dogs, and quite a few professional athletes, Jack the English Bulldog was sidelined with a knee injury.  Thankfully, Jack has a great owner and a dedicated veterinary team.  Together, they were able to repair his knee and get him back to work.  Watch this video to learn more about cruciate injuries and the surgeries that help get our pets back on their fe

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Top Summertime Tips for Pet Safety

Summer means beach parties, tan lines, trips to the “ole swimming hole” and a lot more outdoor activities.  As we are trying to keep ourselves cool in the hot temperatures, it’s important to remember our furry friends too!!  Heat stroke is a very common problem for pets as the mercury rises during summer’s muggy days.  Likewise, biting insects and celebratory fireworks also have the potential to cause a lot of stress for our dogs.  Before you head out to the swimming pool, read this story for some tips to keep your pets cool this summer!

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The Humane Conflict

There is no doubt that animal abuse is frowned upon.  We don’t tolerate individuals who kick puppies any more than people who abuse their children.  But, in the continuing battle against this horror, new controversies are rising.  Many concerned animal lovers donate money to prevent these tragedies only to find out their money might be used for other purposes.  Read this article to find out if your donations are helping dogs and cats or helping lobbyists craft questionable new laws.

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Fleas Really Get Under Our Skin!

Warm weather means fun in the sun, but it also means that we might see growing populations of fleas.  Although pets can get fleas at any time of year, spring and summer are often the worst times as these hungry little parasites make life miserable for your pet…and for you!  Learn how to control the flea population and keep these pests off of your dogs and cats with a little help from your veterinarian.

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Cancer in Pets and People - Can the Similarities Provide a Cure?

Cancer is a devastating word to families of cancer victims and to pet owners as well.   Estimates show that more than 6 million dogs and a similar number of cats are diagnosed with some sort of cancer each year.  Advances in the field of comparative oncology have helped provide clues as to the causes of some cancers and have given hope to both people and pets stricken with this dreaded disease.  One significant example is the development of a “canine cancer vaccine” that just might help stop the scourge of canine malignant melanoma. 

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Heartworms Continue to Plague our Pets!

Veterinary experts continue to see a rise in heartworm cases among our dogs and, although less is known, it is assumed that feline cases are rising as well.   We have safe, inexpensive and effective preventives that can stop this disease in its tracks, so why do these parasites continue cause illness and death?  As this VNN video blog explains, part of the problem could be the shortcuts some owners take with their pet’s care.   Watch and see the best way to stop heartworms from causing heartache!

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Pet Parasites Dont Take Vacations!

Intestinal parasites, like roundworm and hookworms, are much more common than people believe.  The Centers for Disease Control estimates that nearly 14% of all Americans are infected with roundworms!  And, if you own pets, you are in one of the highest risk categories for becoming infected!   Our pets can contract these worms from dog parks or other areas outdoors, even in the dead of winter.  Thankfully, there are good guidelines and medications for de-worming our pets routinely.   Read how you can take some proactive steps to protect your whole family!

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Lyme Disease and Pets: Deadly Lyme Disease Takes Flight!

For more than one hundred years, Lyme Disease has steadily crept across the United States, with more human and pet cases being seen each year.  We know that ticks are responsible for spreading the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease, but did you know that the spring time robin may play a part as well?  New research has shown that many songbirds are instrumental in the expansion of this serious disease.  Learn what you can do to keep your pets safe from ticks that are “flying the friendly skies!”

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Holistic Veterinary Medicine...Helpful Treatment or Terrible Hoax?

To many westerners, the thought of acupuncture or herbal medicine seems farfetched or even mystical in nature.  But millions of people seek out these alternative treatments and now pets might benefit from them as well.  What exactly is holistic medicine and how does it work?  Read this article to find out what kinds of treatments comprise complementary medicine and how veterinarians are using them to treat the whole pet.

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