Thursday, February 11, 2016

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Anesthesia Free Pet Dentistry May Feel Brush of the Law!

Pet owners who consider anesthesia free pet dentistry would be wise to remember the old saying:  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  All across the country, unlicensed and unsupervised people are selling this service despite growing evidence that the work does nothing to help the health of the pet's teeth.  What's the even bigger issue?  This practice is actually illegal and little is being done to stop or regulate it.   Read this story to find out why anesthesia free pet teeth cleaning might actually come back to harm your pet and bite you in the wallet!

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Fresh Breath and Straight Teeth...From Your Veterinarian?

It’s true that most people like the smell of “puppy breath”, but when your puppy starts growing up, he or she will likely develop dental disease.  Without proper oral care, more than 80% of dogs and cats will show signs of gingivitis or even periodontal disease by the time they are three years old.  Factor in incorrect bites, missing teeth or even mal-aligned teeth and you can see that pet dentistry is a subject that touches almost every pet owner.  Watch this video to see the new advances in pet dentistry and what you can do to keep your pet’s mouth healthy!

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Your Dog Ate What??

You might not be surprised to see your dog eat grass out in the yard, but, when x-rays show knives, rocks or even diamond rings, it might cause you to wonder.  Each year, Veterinary Practice News hold a contest known as "Your Dog Ate What?" and they receive thousands of x-rays from across the country.  Want to see some bizarre things our pets ate?  Take a moment to watch this video and find out which dog won the title for eating the most unusual object!

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New Laser May Beam Away Your Pets Pain!

grrWhen you hear the word laser, do you envision the Death Star blowing up planets or maybe Captain Kirk taking out a few Romulan renegades?  While lasers do have their destructive side, a new therapy known as Low Level Laser Therapy is finding it's way into veterinary practices.  This "cold laser" procedure seems to be providing relief for arthritic pets and even helping wounds heal faster.  Proponents of laser therapy say that the feeling is like receiving a deep, relaxing massage.  Watch this video to learn how the therapy works and what advocates, and skeptics, are saying.

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Your Pets New Best Friend - Cod Liver Oil

You might recall your grandmother regaling you with tales of how a spoonful of cod liver oil every day helped keep her chipper and spry.  Well, as it turns out, Grandma may have been on the right track.   Fish oils, especially those rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, have been shown to reduce risk of heart disease and stroke in people.   And, even our pets are benefitting from this research!   Learn how cod liver oil could just become you pet's newest best friend!!

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Serious Scams Hurt People and Their Pets

In grocery store parking lots, on the Internet, or even in your very own barn, unsupervised and unlicensed individuals are providing healthcare services for your animals.  Most people know and trust their licensed, professional veterinarian to handle all their pet's needs, but a few pet owners might chose individuals who call their services "animal husbandry".  Now, some states are even changing laws that allow these individuals to continue their practice.  Learn how veterinarians are trying to protect our pets and what has prompted this increase in animal care provided by a layperson.

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Protecting Ourselves, And Our Pets, From A Killer!

What would you do if you found your dog outside fighting with a raccoon?  What if you found your cat batting around a bat inside your home?  Although you might think these are uncommon occurrences, these scenarios do happen and could have a deadly outcome.  The rabies virus can be found in many wildlife populations, including skunks, foxes, raccoons and bats.  Do you know what steps you need to take in case your pet encounters a wild animal?  Read this story to learn what steps need to be taken in case of an injury from a wild animal and to learn how you can keep your pets, and your whole family, safe from this killer!

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Keep The Whole Family Safe During Disasters

You never know when a natural or man-made disaster might strike.  From tornados in the Plains States to hurricanes along the coast and wildfires in the West, calamaties can strike anywhere at any time.  Being prepared for a disaster means including your four legged family members in the evacuation plan as well.   Thanks to the PETS Act and some national campaigns, keeping your whole family together during emergencies is now a little easier!

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Leptospirosis - An Old Disease Causing New Problems

For many older pet owners, getting their dog a Leptospirosis vaccine was just part of the old "DHL" vaccine package their pets received every year.  But concerns about vaccine reactions and a change in the types of Leptospirosis that are prevalent have led many people to question the need for this vaccine.   Watch this video and read the accompanying article to learn more about this zoonotic disease threat!

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Hybrid Breeds: Designer Dogs or Disaster in the Making?

From the well trained, low shedding Labradoodle to the perfect for the apartment Puggle, new hybrid dog breeds are appearing everywhere.  Becoming popular with celebrities and anyone wanting to be part of the latest trend, these new cross breeds are winning their way into people’s hearts and their pocketbooks as well.  Is this just a fad or do these hybrids have a chance to be part of the purebred world?  

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