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Myths About Our Pets Foods

The instant access and communications of the Internet means that we can ask total strangers from around the country or the world about a variety of things, including what kind of pet food is best.  Unfortunately, that same Internet can help spread myths about what kind of nutrition our pets need.  When it's so easy to find so many opinions about our pets' diets, how will you know who is sharing good information and who is spreading a pet food rumor?  Read this story to learn about a few pet food myths and how your veterinarian will help you find the right food for you furry companion!

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Wildfires and Pet Safety

Each year, millions of acres of forest and grasslands burn during wildfires.  Sadly, people and their pets are often affected by these fast moving infernos.  Some are forced to evacuate and others end up sustaining burns or injuries as they attempt to outrace the flames.  This situation can happen to almost any pet owner, so what should you do if you find your pet has received injuries due to this kind of disaster.  Read this article to learn a little first aid for your pets in the event of a fire!

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Generic Pet Drugs: Good or Bad for Your Pets?

As consumers of medications, most people are acutely aware of generic brands.  In fact, more than 80% of all prescriptions are filled with these lower cost alternatives.  So, it should come as no surprise that pet owners are also interested in finding out about generic medications for their pet's healthcare needs.  Because of news reports and concerns over contaminated ingredients, many people have some serious concerns about these drugs.  Watch this video to learn what constitutes generic products and if they are safe for your pets.

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What Quiet Killer is Stalking Our Cats?

Many of us think that our feline friends are independent, self-sufficient and rarely need any sort of actual medical care.   But veterinarians are sounding the alarm over a significant increase in the number of diabetic cats seen at veterinary hospitals across the country.  What's the reason for this epidemic of diabetes in cats and what can be done about it?  Read this story to learn the signs, the risk and the outlook for cats with diabetes.

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Rehab is FAB for Pets and Horses Too!

Pet Physical Rehabilitation is the use of treatments from human physical therapy and applying them to help our pets recover from surgery and illnesses as well as alleviate pain and discomfort.  Veterinarians and pet owners are now looking to physical rehabilitation techniques to help return the pet to "pre-injury" condition after orthopedic and neurological surgery, after injuries such as anterior cruciate ligament tears or even just to help an older pet receive some relief from arthritis.  Watch this video to learn more about how certified veterinary rehabilitators are assisting our pets!

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DNA Tests for Pets Help Us Understand Genetic Disease

Advances in genetic technology have enabled scientists to actually find the molecular basis of certain inherited diseases and condition.  Not only has this insight furthered human medicine, but now our pets are benefiting as well.   There are more than 300 genetic diseases of dogs and probably similar numbers in our cats and horse friends as well.  Read this story to see how genetic testing for pets is beginning to shed more light on keeping our best friends healthy!

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What Does It Take To Become A Veterinarian?

It's the dream of many young men and women...working with animals and saving lives in the process.  But, what exactly do you need to get into veterinary school?   Is a love of animals enough or are there other important factors you should consider when thinking about a career in veterinary medicine?  Watch this video to learn about the schooling needed before you apply to veterinary school and then the commitment, sacrifices and expenses associated with getting your degree. 

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Sleeping With Pets...Deadly Nightmare or Sweet Dreams?

In recent articles online and in traditional media, pet owners are warned that sleeping with their pets poses real risks for disease transmission.  Some people have even gone as far as to say pets do not belong in the bed.  But, as more and more owners consider their four legged companions as part of the family, how is this message resonating?  Are the dangers real or has the media sensationalized this story?  Read our new article on sleeping with pets to get a more objective overview.

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Spinal Cord Injuries - Veterinary Research Helping People and Pets

Spinal cord injuries are an unfortunate occurrence for many people in this country and our pets are not immune to these traumatic events either.  In fact, beyond accidents that can damage the spine, some of our pets are prone to bulging discs that can place pressure on the spinal cord leading to weakness, pain or even loss of mobility.  Dogs with this type of condition need advanced care that is often beyond the means for many owners.  Watch this video to learn how veterinary research into spinal cord injuries may soon benefit both people and pets!

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Secondhand Smoke Harms Our Pets Too!

Cigarette smoking is on the decline in North America, thanks in part to educational outreach and a better understanding of the dangers of smoking.  New research is also encouraging more smokers, especially those that are pet owners, to kick the habit.   The findings from these recent scientific studies are showing that our pets are at very high risk for problems associated with secondhand smoke.  Read this article to see what facts about smoking and pets are being uncovered.

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