Thursday, February 11, 2016

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Healing Canine Arthritis With Platelets

Like their owners, a large number of pets will develop arthritis as they age.  In fact, veterinarians estimate that more than 15 million dogs already suffer from this disease.  Most people are aware of common treatments, like using pain relieving drugs, but alternative therapies, such as acupuncture, stem cell therapy and even lasers, might also be available from your veterinarian.  Now, watch this video to see a new protocol that uses platelet rich plasma from your pet's own blood and how it is starting to turn some heads and give owners hope!

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Pet Food Marketing Is Confusing and Misleading

It's easy to become confused in the pet food aisle at your local big box retailer or pet superstore.   What exactly do the terms "natural". "organic", "premium" or "gourmet" really mean?  We all want to feed our pets the best diet for a long and healthy life, but sorting through all of the marketing hype and Madison Ave buzz-words is not easy.  Read our story to determine which of these words really means something and which ones are just a sales pitch.

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Dont Let Pets Suffer From Pancreatitis

Staring down into those deep, soulful eyes, it's hard to resist when your pet is begging for some of the delicious holiday foods your family is sharing.  But, before you give in and let Fido have a snack, consider the fact that veterinarians are always busy around the holidays treating cases of pancreatitis.  Read this story to find out more about what pets are at risk for this painful disease and what you can do to stay away from your veterinary emergency room this holiday season.

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Veterinary Technicians - Trusted Partners in Your Pets Care

When asked if their job is like being a nurse for animals, many veterinary technicians aren't sure how to respond.  In one aspect, yes, vet techs provide a high level of quality nursing care for a wide variety of patients, but there is so much more.  Technicians function in all aspects of the animal hospital, from taking x-rays and drawing blood to calculating treatment dosages, providing essential anesthetic monitoring and even performing dental cleanings for both dogs and cats.  Watch this video to see the amazing things these great veterinary professionals can do!

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Jerky Treats for Pets Continue to Cause Problems

For almost 5 years, the Food and Drug Administration has been warning pet owners about potential dangers associated with chicken jerky treats.  Now, duck jerky and even sweet potato jerky treats have been added to this cautionary list.  Despite rigorous testing and even inspections of manufacturing plants in China, officials are still no closer to determining the underlying problem.   What can you do to make sure you can find safe treats for your pets?

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Are Our Cats Plotting Against Us?

Recent headlines have alarmed many people with cats in the homes.  News reports discussing a parasite of cats being linked with increased suicide attempts have caused a lot of anxiety among cat lovers.  But, what is the real story here?  Can this parasite actually affect our behavior and our brains?  And, what role are our cats playing in this "stranger than fiction" scenario?

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High Tech Vision Looks Deep Into Your Pets Mouth!

Few pet owners realize that what they CAN see in their pet's mouth actually comprises less than 50% of the whole tooth.  Under the gumline, dental disease can cause serious problems, such as bone loss or root abscesses.  Almost of a third of all dogs and more than 40% of all cats  have significant dental disease hidden from view!  Thankfully, modern high tech devices are making it easier than ever for veterinarians to find, and treat, our pet's oral health problems!  Watch this video to see a cool new handheld dental x-ray unit in action!

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Lost Pets, High Tech Returns

It's every pet owners nightmare...finding out that their beloved four legged companion is lost or has been stolen.  Of course, as veterinarians recommend, having permanent identification on your animal can help insure the pet comes back to you, but what should you do in the immediate time frame when you know your pet is gone?  Read this story to find out some very clever ways that one woman used to help reunite her young dachshund with the rest of his family.

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Looking for the Right Pet Food

Nutrition plays such an important role in the health of our pets, but far too many people give little thought to which brand or type of food they pick up at the grocery store.  Is there a difference in pet foods? Are there ways for consumers to look for a better brand of food?  Thankfully, your veterinarian can help you with finding the right diet for your pets! Watch this video for a few helpful tips on picking your pet's next food!

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Rapid Blood Analysis Delivers Vital Results to Your Veterinarian

Determining the causes of your pet's illnesses or injuries requires good observational skills, an understanding of biology and the right tools.  Your veterinarian will rely on state of the art diagnostic equipment to get a glimpse of what is happening in your dog or cat's body.  Now, many veterinary hospitals have the capability to get the answers they need in just minutes by using in-house blood analyzers.  Watch this video to see how your veterinarian uses these high tech devices to find abnormalities in cell counts, organ function or even early signs of cancer.

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