Tuesday, February 09, 2016

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Battling a Canine Killer...Katy's Story

Half of all dogs will develop some sort of cancer in their lifetime and one in four dogs will die.  These are the sad statistics of this dreaded disease that affect people and pets.  Canine cancer is so prevalent that it is the leading killer of dogs over the age of two.  The Canine Cancer Project is now underway to help fund studies aimed at eliminating canine cancer in the next ten to twenty years.    Watch this video to learn how you can help eradicate cancer in your dog’s lifetime!

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Cutting Edge Technology Lessens Pain of Surgery!

New drugs and medical equipment are making our pets more comfortable before, during, and after surgeries.  The use of laparoscopes in veterinary medicine is just one more example of how advancing technology is helping our pets.   Also known as minimally invasive surgery, laparoscopy is reducing the pain of surgery and even helping to save lives!  Watch this video to see actual footage of laparoscopic surgery!

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Pets Go Green

Rising gas prices and climate changes have many people worried about the future of our planet and pet owners are no exception.  Luckily, help appears to be on the way.  From organic pet toys to bio-degradable cat litter, many companies are finding new ways to help pets and their owners lessen their carbon footprint.  Watch this video to see ways that you can help your pet “go green”!

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Going Retro is Not Good for Cats

You might enjoy a night out listening to the latest in “retro” music, but your cats should avoid “going retro” at all costs!   Retroviral diseases, such as Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, are more common than most pet owners realize and are truly threats to your cat’s well-being.   Fortunately, through testing protocols and lifestyle choices, owners can help keep their feline friends safe from these deadly diseases.   Watch this video to learn more!

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False Flea Facts Pet Owners Need to Know!

Can fleas survive a typical Midwestern winter?  How do you know the flea products your veterinarian sells are better than the ones in the pet store or grocery store?   Have “super fleas” emerged that are resistant to these drugs?  Conflicting and even confusing information seems to abound when people talk about these nasty parasites.   Watch this video to get the straight scoop on flea myths!

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Orthotics Give Pets a Step Up to Normal Lives

Just like us, our pets can suffer a number of orthopedic injuries, some of which can be devastating and debilitating.   Veterinary orthopedics continues to make great advances, but what happens when surgery is not an option or when the surgery alone can’t give a good quality of life?  Luckily, the science of orthotics can provide additional support and just might save the lives of some pets.  Watch this video to see these devices in action!

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Veterinarians at Home Fight the War on Terror!

The safety of our food supply depends on the dedication and skills of veterinarians across the continent.  However, concerns about terrorist attacks on this vital, yet vulnerable segment of our economy is prompting a review of security practices and the news appears bleak.   Estimates from veterinary schools and veterinary leadership show that 4 out of every 100 jobs in public health or large animal health will go unfilled within the next several years.   Watch this video to see how veterinarians continue to keep us safe from Mad Cow, Anthrax, and other deadly diseases.

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Feline Heartworms...A Hidden and Deadly Threat!

Dog owners are well aware of the threat of heartworm disease, but many pet owners would be shocked to know that their cats are in danger as well.   Heartworms are spread by mosquitoes and are capable of infecting cats in addition to dogs.  Unfortunately, our cats rarely show physical signs of this infection and are more likely to die due to their body’s reaction to the parasite.   The good news is that your veterinarian can help you prevent this deadly feline disease.   Watch this video to learn more!

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Just What IS That Doggie in the Window?

Science is allowing us to take a new and exciting look at our family pets.   The Wisdom Panel® DNA test for dogs is enabling many owners of mixed breed dogs to discover more about their mutts.   Studies show the test to have an 84% accuracy rate in determining your dogs “roots”.   Using technology that may be familiar to CSI viewers, a small amount of blood is taken from your pet and compared to a DNA database to reveal your pet’s ancestors.   Watch this video to learn more.

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Pet Smiles Go High Tech!

We all know that our pets need good dental care. But did you know that even if your dog's mouth looks perfectly normal, there is a 28% chance that he has some dental issues? Crooked teeth and broken teeth are extremely common, not to mention painful and can make chewing difficult to impossible. Luckily, the Veterinary Dentist has an arsenal of tools to help fix your pet.  Watch This Video!

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