Thursday, February 11, 2016

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Doggie Blood Donors...Are They the Right Type?

Historically, veterinarians have always relied on their own pets when blood was needed for trauma cases.   But today, animal blood banks are helping insure that every pet has access to these life-saving fluids.   From blood drives to blood typing, these innovative companies are preventing the loss of lives!  Read this article to learn how your own pets could help save a pet across town or across the country!

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Saving Pets' Smiles and Sometimes, Their Lives!

Most of us understand the need for preventative dental care in our pets, but sometimes, a trip to the veterinary dentist can be a lifesaver too!  Whether the pet has severe dental disease showering bacteria into the bloodstream or has trauma to the oral cavity, pet dentists have an arsenal of tools ready for action!   Watch this video to see why one lucky dog likely owes her life to the work of her Veterinary Dentist!

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Pet Care During Tough Times

Saving money is always a challenge, but in tough economic times, people try to cut costs wherever they can!   Pet owners are certainly no exception to this rule.  Despite a deep bond with their four-legged family members, many owners are tempted to take shortcuts with their pet’s healthcare.  This can lead to disastrous results, including abandonment of the pet.   Read this story to learn about steps you can take to lower your pet’s medical bills as well as learning what things to avoid!

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Do Pets Get Rich When Their Humans Die?

To pay back the unconditional love their pets provide many pet owners consider including four legged family members in their wills.  However, without proper legal guidance, plans to pamper the pooch after your death could go horribly wrong.  Sadly, it’s possible for the courts to ignore your wishes or even change your instructions with regards to the care of your pet.  Read this story to learn how you can follow the likes of Betty White or Oprah and give your pet a cushy life even after you are gone!

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Will Stem Cells Bring Promised Relief to Painful Pups?

Arthritis affects more than 12 million of our canine friends.  Some dogs are affected so severely that their owners decide euthanasia is the only option.  Thankfully, new research into stem cells is providing another option to help pets who suffer from arthritis.  But, is this new technology working and is it worth the price?  Watch this video to see if Stem Cell Therapy is helping our painful pups!

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Prosthetics Help Pets Find Balance

Chances are that you have seen a dog or cat with just three legs. Some pets are born without a complete set of legs and others might lose their legs due to trauma or disease.  Thanks to new technologies, veterinarians and pet owners are discovering that prosthetics can help their animal companions lead more normal lives.  What’s even more exciting?  Research from prosthetics and pets may one day help human amputees.  Watch this video to see how prosthetics help support pets.

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Pudgy Pets Pose Problems for Vets

According to the CDC, more than 1 in 4 American adults are overweight and obese.  And alongside of us are legions of chubby canines and flabby tabbies!  A recent study has shown that half of our dogs and cats are overweight - and that is seriously affecting their health.  Heart disease, cancer and diabetes are only a few of the medical concerns.  What can be done?  Watch this video to learn more about our pudgy pets!

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Rabies...A Worldwide Threat!

It probably seems inconceivable to most North Americans, but more than 55,000 people across the world die every year from rabies.  This dreaded killer disease still ravages large areas of Asia and Africa and children are often the unfortunate victims.  Overall, someone in the world dies from rabies every 10 minutes!  Fortunately, global awareness is increasing due to World Rabies Day.  Watch this video to learn about how you can keep your pets safe and help eradicate terrestrial rabies.

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Purebred Rescue...Finding Forever Families!

Many people would like to save a pet by adopting from the local shelter.  But some prefer the looks and personalities of a purebred dog.   Can you find the specific breed you want and still save a life?  The answer is yes and the help comes from Breed Rescue Groups! These organizations are adopting tens of thousands of purebred pets every day.  Watch this video to see how these groups match great purebred dogs and cats with their forever homes!

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Helping Your Pet Keep His Cool This Summer

Every year, thousands of dogs will end up at the animal emergency hospital due to heat stroke.  This rapid and extreme rise of body temperature can happen very quickly on the hot, muggy days of summer and even more quickly if the pet is left in the car for just a few moments. Without the proper treatment, many dogs will die.  Learning to recognize the symptoms of heat stroke and a few simply safety tips can help to save your pet’s life.  Watch this video to learn more.  

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