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When Disaster Strikes, Animal Rescuers Respond!

From the raging wildfires in the West to hurricanes battering our coasts, natural and man-made disasters wreak havoc on families, including our pets.  Many dogs and cats have been left behind in sudden evacuations and others left to fend for themselves when catastrophe strikes.  Thankfully, groups of dedicated volunteers are making strides to insure that our animals are also kept safe.  Read this story to learn how “animal response teams”, government agencies and private foundations are working together to raise public awareness about caring for pets when disaster strikes!

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Internet Reunites Lost Pets and Owners

Seeing a “lost” poster for a child’s beloved pet can bring a lump to even the hardest heart.   But when one out of every three pets is lost at some point during their lifetime, the odds are pretty good that you could be the one posting those flyers.   We have amazing GPS technology and a vast information network, but still, more than 5 million pets will wander away from their homes this year.  Sadly, the majority of those pets will never see their owners again.  Read this article to see what you can do to insure your pet makes it home safely and avoids an uncertain future.

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Saying Good-bye With Dignity - Hospice Care for Pets

When faced with a disabled pet or one with a terminal illness, many owners opt for euthanasia in order to spare their beloved animal any pain and discomfort.  But a recent movement in human medicine has some people re-thinking that decision.  Palliative care helps to alleviate pain but does not focus on finding a cure.  Many terminal people spend their remaining months in hospice.  Can hospice care also provide a higher quality of life for pets, even if it’s just for a few days or weeks?  Read how this movement is helping pets and their families find peace at the end of life.

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Stop, Drop and Roll Over? Fire Safety for Pets

Millions of fires claim thousands of human lives each year.  Almost forgotten are the hundreds of thousands of family pets who perish among the smoke and flames.  Although the number is not truly known, humane organizations estimate that up to a half a million dogs, cats, and other pets die in house fires.  Thankfully, diverse groups are stepping up to educate owners about simple steps that could save the life of a beloved pet.  Read this article to learn what you can do to keep your whole family safe.

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Is There Danger At Your Pet's Pharmacy?

We all rely on prescriptions from our veterinarians for medications to help keep our pets healthy and safe.   But recent high profile cases have increased scrutiny of one segment of the pharmacy industry…the compounding pharmacy.  Many veterinarians utilize these services to help improve their patient’s compliance with medications, but are they potentially dangerous?  Read this article to learn more about the history of compounding and what steps are happening to keep our friends safe!

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EPA Warns Pet Owners About Flea and Tick Products

Responding to a “sharp increase” in adverse events associated with flea and tick medications for pets, the EPA states they plan to increase scrutiny and investigate the potential hazards of these products.  For some pet owners and veterinarians, this response is causing confusion and concern, especially since both over-the-counter medications and veterinary-only products are listed.  Are any of these products safe and how can a pet lover find the right one?  Read this article to learn how you can keep your pet flea-free and possibly avoid any reactions.

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Extending Your Dog's Life

When something good comes along, it is only natural that we want to keep it around as long as possible.  This is especially true of our pets.  Advances in veterinary medicine have nearly doubled the life span of our dogs, but is it possible to do more?  As the aging process is better understood, new therapies and supplements are developed, each promising to add year’s to your pet’s life.  Read this article to find out the best ways to keep your pet from growing old too quickly.

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Ordinary Bugs Causing Extraordinary Disease!

Fleas and ticks are fairly common pests throughout North America, but did you know that they are responsible for some fairly uncommon diseases?  Beyond being a nuisance to our pets, these pesky parasites are capable of transmitting life-threatening illnesses like the bubonic plague, Lyme Disease and rabbit fever.   So, how can you protect your pets and your family?   Watch this video to prepare a battle plan for your “bug war”.

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Sometimes Good Medicine Is Simply Good Nutrition

For many chronically ill pets, special therapeutic diets have provided them with a higher quality of life.  But, tough economic times and rising prices have many owners considering changes to their pet’s diet.  Are prescription diets really worth the cost and what will happen to your pet if you choose to stop feeding the food your veterinarian recommends?  Read this article to learn a little more about how these special foods really do help your pet!

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Battle Against Heartworms Getting Tougher!

Despite preventives that are nearly 100% effective, veterinarians continue to report increasing numbers of canine heartworm disease cases.  Some owners blame the heartworm preventives for failing their pets, but the reality of the situation is much different.  Watch this video to learn how the veterinarian, the pet owner and even the pet could be at fault for rising numbers of infected pets!

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