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Golden Retrievers May Hold the Answers in Canine Cancer

Golden Retrievers are often held in very high regard by their human families.  Their intelligence, handsome looks and easy going nature has made this breed a favorite for many years.  Now, veterinary researchers are hoping that Goldens can shed some light on how cancers and other diseases develop in our canine friends.  Watch this video to learn how the Morris Animal Foundation and their groundbreaking Golden Retriever Lifetime Study is looking for answers to some of our pets' most serious diseases and issues.

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Bordetella...The Misunderstood Vaccine

Dog owners are aware of the importance of rabies vaccinations and many will also insure that their canine friends are protected against distemper and the deadly parvovirus.   But, when asked about updating their pets with a Bordetella vaccine, a fair number of owners will decline, stating that they never kennel their dogs.  In this story, learn how "kennel cough" is far more complex than you might imagine and how your pet might be at a higher risk than you thought!

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Veterinary Technician Specialists - Extraordinary Partners in Your Pets Care!

As pet owners demand and expect a higher level of care for their furry friends, visits to veterinary specialists are becoming more and more common.  Working alongside these expert veterinarians are some very specialized support team members.  Like the DVM, these technicians have put in long hours and increased their knowledge in order to gain the right to be called a Veterinary Technician Specialist!

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Whats Wrong With My Cats Mouth?

We all know it 's hard to tell when a cat isn't feeling well.  They are truly masters at hiding their illnesses and discomfort.  So, pet owners should be aware of a common condition seen in our feline friends known as Tooth Resorption.  This painful disease occurs in 30-70% of cats over age 6.  Once a tooth is diagnosed with the problem, the only solution is extraction of that tooth.  The problem? Many cats will have multiple lesions and need several extractions.  Watch this video to learn how veterinarians are helping cat owners understand this hidden disease!

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Why is Your Veterinarian Fascinated with Pets Feces?

If you have pets, you have probably taken the time to find a sample of your pet's feces in the backyard or the litter box and taken extraordinary care in packaging it for the trip to the veterinarian's office.  Why is it veterinarians want to see this by-product of our pets?  Believe it or not, the reasons are not only important to keeping your pet healthy, but also insuring that your human family doesn't get sick either.  From microscopic protozoans to blood-thirsty intestinal worms, there are a whole host of parasites waiting to cause problems for your furry friend and they are probably closer than you think!

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Veterinary Medicine Online - What Sites Can You Trust?

Finding information about pets and pet healthcare on the Internet is pretty easy...finding GOOD and TRUSTWORTHY information is a little bit more of a challenge.  So, when you are surfing online for tips about how to best care for your four legged friends, how do you differentiate a helpful and expert site from one that is only interested in selling you something?  What's the best way to sort through reviews when you are trying to find a veterinarian for your furry family member?  Watch this video to learn some tips on using the Internet to your advantage when researching animal health topics!

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Is a Grain Free Food Right for Your Pet?

Whether it's because of a perceived allergy, a real need or just because their human owners think that dogs and cats should only eat meat, many pets are now enjoying commercial diets touted as "grain free".  Pet food marketers have been quick to see their opportunity and provide an ever-increasing number of diets sold on the premise that pets should not eat grains.  But, is this a valid theory?  Is feeding a grain-free diet what's best for your pet?

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Summer Car Trips with Your Dog Can Turn Deadly

Most dogs love to take rides with their owners in the car.  Unfortunately, the warm summer months and distracted owners often create a deadly combination as beloved pets are left in cars with temperatures climbing.  Read this story to find out how to avoid the common errors people make when taking their pets on errands with them during the heat of the summer months.  What you read may save your pet's life and help you understand how quickly this disaster can occur.

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Modern Veterinary Anesthesia

Do you worry whenever your pet might need surgery?  Of course you do...the Internet is full of all sorts of information about the dangers your beloved animal might face when under anesthesia.  But, how true is that?  Are pets dying every day while undergoing routine spays, neuters and other procedures?  Watch this video to see the real story and understand how veterinarians and animal hospitals are working hard to make sure that your four legged friend's surgery goes smoothly and safely!

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Pharmacy Mistakes Can Harm Our Pets

Just like us, our dogs, cats, horses and even livestock will occasionally need a wide range of medications.  From antibiotics to pain relief or even chemotherapy drugs, about $7 BILLION is spent each year for our pets.  Understandably, the human owners are interested in saving money and this has lead to big growth in retail and online pharmacies including pet medications in their inventories.  But, serious errors in dosing amounts and even incorrect drugs being dispensed have led to some problems for pets.  Read this story to learn what you can do to keep your four legged friend safe when a prescription medication is needed.

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