Sunday, February 14, 2016
VNN Member Benefits Video 

Betty White Welcomes VNN Members
    Value of VNN Membership

Meet the Team

VNN is a national network of animal health professionals and media journalists who use our content in both traditional and online media.  This increases the public’s awareness of current issues and advances in veterinary medicine. 

We are a membership organization and our network reaches an audience of over 30 million with each story.  Internet and urgent news moves immediately so we provide members with media prep and talking points in the case of breaking news. 
Our members either contribute to local news, or use our content in their social media marketing efforts.  We generate two newsworthy stories each month in the form of columns, talking points and video for television or vblog format. 

We proudly count among our members veterinarians, technical staff, veterinary medical associations, veterinary state boards, PR directors, media journalists, and popular web sites. 

For less than a dollar a day, VNN members have exclusive access to:

  1. Tremendous Content

    • Hundreds of professionally written animal health news stories and social media content that educate clients and supports the veterinary profession.  Produced two times every month, these stories include print columns, radio talking points and even video.  All resources are designed to save you time and effort and for easy use in social media, on your website or even for client and staff education.  Best of all, you get to take the credit!!  We encourage you to use your name and image with these resources and personalize them.

  2. Time Saving Filter

    • Weekly e-mail news alerts designed to keep you and your practice at the leading edge.  With the speed of the Internet and easy access of social media, news of any kind can move at a hectic pace.  Let us sort through the nonsense and less reliable information so that you can stay up-to-date with information and news that's relevant to you and your practice. 

  3. On Demand Personalized Consultations

    • Personalized counseling for any media situation, including, but not limited to, editing your local news releases for hospital events, helping you take the right steps to get local media coverage and even handling a crisis situation.

  4. Breaking News Preparation For YOU!

    • Expert guidance when breaking news happens.  Urgent events, like the pet food recall, require a voice of reason and someone to calm public fears.  We deliver timely and effective talking points that are media-savvy, valuable tools for educating clients as well as a mass audience and also ensuring consistent hospital wide communications.  We can help combat the plethora of "urban myths", "conspiracy theories" and outright bad information that always accompanies these types of events.  We also provide a means of immediate notice of breaking news through our social network, reverse 911 phone tree or texting systems.

  5. One-on-one Guidance Through the Social Media Jungle!

    • Savvy, one-on-one counsel to help you market your practice via the exploding social media networks.  We go beyond telling you that you "need to be on Facebook and Twitter" and actually help you understand these tools.  Beyond the counsel, we will also help you utilize VNN content in social media.

  6. Training That's Highly Specific and On Your Schedule!

    • Webinars and other training resources on the practical use of traditional and social media to build your practice and engage clients and prospective new clients.

  7. Extremely Low Cost Personalized Video Production

    • Reduced rates for video productions services, including our unique "customized video blogs (vBlogs) that allow your image and voice to be used on any of our video stories.  Custom "welcome" videos for your website are also available at a special cost for our members.
Our members have told us how valuable these service are both directly and in time savings.  Where else can you have media experts "on call" to be your personal resource and consultant for communications and social media marketing?  It is a job that we take very seriously and that we enjoy immensely!

Want to learn more? Visit our 
Testimonials Page or Contact Us for more details of VNN Membership.  Individual memberships are $360 per year and hospitals with multiple members (up to 10) can join for just $500 per year.

Ready to join now?  We would be happy to have you join hundreds of your colleagues today by becoming a member of VNN.  Click here to complete our short application.  We look forward to working with you! 

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