Thursday, February 11, 2016
On Line Media Kit


Fast Facts

Management Team, Staff and Advisory Board

About Us:
VNN is a national network of veterinarians and animal health journalists who use our story resources in both traditional and online media to increase the public’s awareness of current issues and advances in veterinary medicine.  Our members have consistently provided media with trustworthy information and resources, even during breaking news. We are more than six years old and we reach a total audience of over 30 million with each story release. 

Our primary members are Doctors of Veterinary Medicine who either contribute to local radio, television or print media or use our resources for their online publishing or even their own social media marketing and education.  We also welcome selected animal health professionals, journalists and Veterinary Medical Associations who wish to educate the public using our stories.  These professionals are the core of the network and have responsibility to the public, the media and the veterinary community.  Each member has access to a variety of in-person and on-line training methods to develop the special talents needed in today’s media work. 

VNN provides a highly professional source of newsworthy television, radio and print stories for use by our members. We save busy professionals time with weekly email alerts of the animal health headlines.  During crisis or breaking news events, we prepare talking points and messaging for media, clients and social networking.  Any of our video stories can be turned into custom video blogs for any member.  We also have reduced cost television production services for members web videos or commercials. 

There is no other organization like VNN.  We offer experienced one-on-one consultations with members in any media situation (traditional or social).  We hold monthly webinars with national experts to help members understand traditional and social media marketing.  We save members a tremendous amount of time in their public education/marketing efforts.  We are available at anytime and can even help in the event of a crisis situation.  VNN also works closely with our nation's Veterinary Medical Associations in both media messaging and legislative communications.  VNN holds full day media training seminars for any state, regional or national meeting. 

VNN is a partial member funded organization and welcomes corporate support. 

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