Sunday, February 14, 2016

VNN Webinar and Training Center

Check back frequently for new updates or anytime you are unable to attend the webinars live! 

Each webinar can be available in a variety of formats.  PC users will want the Windows Media format (WMV file) or the Flash Video (FLV file).  Mac users can download the Quicktime Movie (MOV file).  Follow the links below to either listen or download the webinars.

 Webinar Date  Webinar Title  Subject Files 

January 25th, 2011

 VNN Social Media Webinar with Kevin Knebl  An overview of the importance of being involved in social media and how listening in social media can help find clients and minimize client concerns.


The full hour long webinar can be obtained by emailing us.
 Part 1:  Social Media Overview

 Part 2:  Facebook Overview

 Part 3:  Twitter Overview

 Part 4:  Q & A Session
March 22nd, 2011

VNN Twitter Webinar with Thomas Dock

 Is Twitter a good fit for your business?  What are the benefits of being engaged on Twitter and what are some of the potential problems if you aren't?

Part 1:  Intro to Twitter, how to set up an account.

Part 2:  Search on Twitter, Hashtags and @replies

Part 3:  APIs and Mobile Apps

Part 4:  Questions from Audience

Oct 17th, 2011
VNN Facebook Webinar with Thomas Dock and Kevin Knebl
What changes have happened to Facebook business pages?  What are some best practices that can help encourage engagement and interaction on your hospital's Facebook page?
Part 1:  Best practices for updates and optimizing the Info Tab.

Part 2:  Insights, Tagging and Video Usage

Part 3:  The Power of Facebook and Facebook Ads

Part 4:  Using Facebook for Word of Mouth Marketing
Dec 6th, 2011
VNN LinkedIn Webinar with Kevin Knebl
How can you use your LinkedIn account to help develop stronger relationships?  
Part 1:  Creating a Robust Linked In Profile

Part 2:  Finding Your Connections

Part 3:  Communicating with People, Linked In Groups and Companies

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